Summer Christmas, ’tis the season

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Christmas-time has always been synonymous with summer holidays for us. The time of warm, sunny weather, of rising early with the sun to water the garden and go out for a walk savouring the fresh morning air and the peace and quiet of the best part of the day.

There is something very carefree about this time of glorious summer days spent playing games or relaxing in the pool, chilling out at the beach or frolicking in the surf, having barbeques with friends and making the most of long and balmy summer nights under southern skies. For a little while time seems to slow down just a touch as we break with our normal routine and take some time out to enjoy some of the good things in life. Just a little less rushing around and a little more time spent with our loved ones. A time to be thankful for good health and all the other things we have the privilege of enjoying every day and a time for reflection on the year gone by and new hope for the year to come.

Christmas has always been a summer’s day for us, celebrated with family and friends or camping some place where we’re near the ocean or a pool to cool down in. An informal, leisurely day enjoying good food, good company and the great outdoor lifestyle we have in this southern land. Also, celebrating a number of family birthdays in the days leading up to Christmas always adds to the festive feeling and so once more it is the season again, of holidays, a summer, sunny Christmas and of hope, giving, love, peace and joy.

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