Afrikaners in Perth

I’m very excited today. My post about celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Perth has just been published in the on-line edition of a South African magazine after I translated it into Afrikaans. This is the link:

The original English version is here:

14 thoughts on “Afrikaners in Perth

  1. Wow! Congradulations Christina.

    10 years in this great southern land was a great read. What courage you and your family have to pack up and leave ones country and move to another country without knowing anyone.

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      • Something similar sometimes happens to me at work – I’ll be talking away in English and notice that I’ve thrown in an Afrikaans word without realising! I’ll quickly correct myself and nobody’s ever asked me about the “nonsensical” sounds I’ve uttered. It’s so funny, but it’s just second nature.

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  2. Ek hoop hulle het jou betaal!! 😉

    We’ve been in Ireland for almost 15 years and can understand the difficulties of moving to another country. At least you have better weather than what we have here!! 😀

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