B is for Busselton in southwest Australia where we go for Ironman triathlon events, Broome in northwest Australia, home of the highly sought after Australian South Sea pearls, Bridgetown, a beautiful little town in southwest Australia, Beauty Point in Tasmania where the Three Peaks race started from, Batman bridge in Tasmania, Billabong, which means a branch of a river that forms a backwater or stagnant pool – a roadhouse in northwest Australia and the popular surf related clothing brand – and Bremer Bay, a popular holiday spot on the south coast of Western Australia.

B is also for Bali in Indonesia where we went on holiday once, Burj al Arab in Dubai, Buller Gorge in New Zealand where we went and my husband ran the marathon, Bougainvillea, Bay trees, bicycle and bike racks, bees, my beloved horse Belle who I unfortunately only get to see and ride every few years, barbecues or as they’re called in South Africa: a braai and of course one of the most important things in the Aussie lifestyle: the beach.

Part of the April A to Z Challenge.

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  1. In perusing some of the other sites of people participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge, imagine my surprise when, right after publishing my “A” post, I click on your link and see that you’re already on “B!” And to see that you live in Perth, which is where I studied abroad years ago. And finally, I’ve never done an ironman, but my coworker, her husband, and two of her friends are training for an ironman in Canada this summer, so there’s another (light) connection. I had to comment and say, “How are you going?” 🙂 I look forward to seeing more throughout the month.

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    • Hi Evelyn, nice to “virtually” meet you and thanks for stopping by. I have to admit I haven’t done an Ironman either, my husband is the endurance sport lover in the house. I look forward to checking out your A-Z posts as well.


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      • Ai dis jammer. Ek het nie gedink hulle is kieskeurig oor waar hulle wil groei nie. Ons s’n groei so baie ek moet dit vir 6 maande van die jaar elke maand snoei. In die winter gee ons dit so ‘n “nr 1” haarsny soos net my man met sy elektriese snyer kan doen. Dan sien jy net kaal takke vir ‘n maand of wat.

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      • Hulle groei baie mooi in die natuur en rank taamlik wild, maar ons woon hoog teen ‘n heuwel op die boonste vloer van ‘n woonstelblok. Ons plant alles in blombakke, maar partykeer is die wind en die son vir hulle net te erg.

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