E is for Esperance, around 800 kilometres south east of Perth in Western Australia, at the edge of the wheat belt with beautiful clear, crisp Southern Ocean beaches. Exmouth lies around 1400 kilometres north of Perth at the northern tip of the Ningaloo (coral) reef.

E is also for Etosha National Park, Namibia’s largest game reserve which was made famous by the Etosha (which means “great white place”) pan.

Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia, and there are numerous different species. Emus are large Australian non-flying birds and Echidnas are mammals that lay eggs (otherwise known as monotremes).

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  1. Ek was in 1969 laas in Etosha. Hoe vlieg die tyd nie. Die echidna het nou eers weer my aandag gevang en ek moes gaan oplees op google. My dogter se kommentaar: “If it’s weird and wonderful, it’s from Australia”. Daar het jy dit!

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    • Esperance is (op die skaal van WA) nie te ver van Bremer Bay af nie. Ek is bly jy geniet die foto’s. Ek was gelukkig om die emu foto te kry, my vinger was net toevallig op die regte oomblik op die knoppie. Ek hou van die verbaasde uitdrukking op haar gesig.

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