F is for Fremantle, the port city at the mouth of the Swan River near Perth, Western Australia. It’s a historic city with lots of character and it’s own cappuccino strip (road with lots of coffee shops). I wandered around Freo (the nickname for Fremantle) the other day during the Fremantle Street Arts Festival.

F is also for Freycinet National Park, a very scenic area on the south east coast of Tasmania.

The south western tip of Australia is well known for its age old forests with trees growing up to over 40 metres tall.

Frangipani is one of my favourite trees. the fragrance of the flowers always takes me back to my grandparents’ garden when I was a young child.

And last but not least, f stands for friends and family, our loved ones.

13 thoughts on “F…

  1. Oh Christina, a perfect selection for F. I enjoyed Freo a couple of months ago, Freycinet is a favourite place here in Tassie and frangipani are just wonderful flowers. And of course, family and friends. Well said!


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