Hobart, the capital city of  beautiful Tasmania, was the first thing that popped into my head when I thought of the letter H. We visited there in 2013 when my husband took part in the Three Peaks Race and though we only spent a short time there we really liked the city and Tasmania and would love to go back for a longer visit. Hobart, being a city with a European feel and the backdrop of a mountain, reminded me a lot of Cape Town.


View of Hobart and Mount Wellington

Speaking of Cape Town: H is also for Hout Bay near Cape Town, a beautiful little town where we used to go for fresh fish and chips sometimes.


Hout Bay near Cape Town (visible to the right of the photo)

Closer to home Hillarys Boat Harbour is a lovely marina with shops and restaurants about 20 kilometres north of Perth which I’m fortunate to call my place of work.

Reading HesterLeyNel’s post on F made me think of the hermit crabs on Broome’s Cable Beach in north west Australia. The crabs dig up tiny, round little balls of sand and deposit them around their holes all over the beach. Our kids used to play with the crabs but I find the little balls of sand fascinating, especially as you walk over them, giving your feet  a massage.

Still in Broome, I was very lucky to go on a helicopter ride a few years ago. Spectacular views of the ocean and coastline there made me want to go for more and more helicopter rides.

Finally, back home, I love my herb garden and being able to walk outside and pick fresh herbs.

IMG_8331 W

Herb garden

22 thoughts on “H…

  1. Pragtige fotos. My gunsteling is natuurlik die een met houtbaai op die agtergrond en die klein seilbootjie wat daar voor in die grote oseaan ronddobber. Ek was te lanklaas daar. Dankie vir die “mention” in jou blog – ek wens ek kan sulke mooi fotos neem soos jy.

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  2. What a fantastic use of the letter “H.”

    I’ve never been to Tasmania but did go to New Zealand and Australia in 2008. Such amazing places. I long to return to them both one day.

    Thank you for sharing and good luck with the rest of the challenge.

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  3. Die sandbolletjies wat die krappe maak is baie interessant. Ek sal glo dat dit lekker is om daaroor te loop – amper soos ‘n voetmassering. ‘n Baie mooi en interessante foto.

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