I is for Ironman! Ironman stands for triathlons held all over the world, which involve a 3.8 kilometre swim followed by a 180 kilometre bike ride followed by a 42 kilometre run. My husband loves endurance sport (marathons, ultra marathons, ironman triathlons and crazy ultra open water swims). It’s not something I’d ever be able to do though, so we are very proud of our Ironman.

I also stands for Indian Ocean and iron ore, which is mined in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Last but not least, I is for interaction with fellow bloggers, which I’m really enjoying especially during this A to Z challenge where I get to see even more interesting posts.

10 thoughts on “I…

  1. By die lees van jou eerste sin was ek reeds uitgeput … haha, ek het groot bewondering vir mense wat hierdie soort liggaamlike inspanning suksesvol kan aanpak, maar ek sal ‘n jaar vat om een marathon te voltooi. Dit gee jou darem die geleentheid om pragtige fotos te neem. Ek neem aan die medaljes behoort almal aan jou man?

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    • Haha, ek raak uitgeput net om toeskouer te wees! Ja, die medaljes is almal syne (maar dis nie almal nie). Ek hou van fiks wees maar het my eie definisie en dit sluit nie enigiets in wat vir soveel ure aangaan nie!

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  2. interesting choices for I. Ironmen events are certainly challenging. I’ve run 8kms one time… very slowly and have swum 30 laps of the pool… again not very fast and one day I rode 80 kms but it took all day… so not a contender for an ironman event. My I post was on inches… and the fact that Australia is metric but quilting is all about the inches.

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