Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

This week’s challenge asks us to share an image of a meal or one taken during dinner hour.

Perth’s climate and outdoor lifestyle makes it ideal for picnics and we especially enjoy doing it at the beach at dinnertime. There are always people out doing the same and playing cricket, footy (Australian football) or soccer. On a warm summer’s evening we often end up going for a swim at that time as well.


Picnic at Sorrento beach on a warm summer’s evening


Picnic food

The other night we went to the Night Noodle Markets at Perth’s newly completed Elizabeth Quay. It was a lovely evening, and packed with people (on a Tuesday night) out to enjoy the variety of foods for dinner.


Perth during the Night Noodle Markets

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

  1. This looks and sounds idyllic! The sky looks awesome. We also had some beautiful skies now that the season is changing. My early mornings going to school makes me love this world more and more. I usually open my curtains just after six and first have to watch the sky and the beautiful colors.

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    • It is quite idyllic, we are very spoilt. It makes me content thinking that these are the childhood memories our children will have. It’s a lovely time of the year, I’m glad you get to enjoy it over there as well.


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