P is for Perth, Western Australia, (sometimes referred to as Perthadise) where we’ve lived for the past eleven years. I don’t go into the city very often and when I do it’s usually a quick purposeful trip not for leisure and I don’t take my camera along or think to take many photos. Most of my photos of Perth have been taken from Kings Park and show the change in the city since we’ve moved here.

Last year during the Perth International Arts Festival we went to see the Giants. Most of the streets in the CBD had been closed off and the people of Perth flocked there to watch this amazing show (I’ve used some of the photos in a previous photo challenge). I definitely had my camera with me that day!

P is also for picnic, something the people of Perth love to do in this outdoor lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “P…

    • Ja dis skoon en oop. Baie blou lug vir almal! Ons is nog steeds in Perth. Die somers raak redelik warm maar ons swem en sit die lugverkoeling aan as ons sukkel. Ek voel jammer vir die mense wat buite moet werk daai tyd van die jaar. Die res van die jaar is ons dankbaar dat dit nie ‘n koue plek is nie want die klimaat is baie lekker.


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