R is for Robben Island (off Cape Town in South Africa) and Rottnest Island (off Perth in Western Australia).

Both islands are similar in size and distance from the mainland, and prisons were built and used on both at some stage in their history. Robben Island is situated in the cold Atlantic Ocean whereas Rottnest Island has the benefit of the warmer Indian Ocean that makes it an ideal tourist and holiday destination.

No private vehicles are allowed on the island which makes walking and cycling the main forms of transport. A short 40 minute trip away from Perth by ferry, it feels worlds away though once you set foot on the island with its unique charm and character.


Robben Island on the other hand, takes your breath away with its perfect view of Table Mountain and Cape Town. On a beautiful, clear Cape Town day nothing in the world beats that view. I wouldn’t be able to choose one above the other for natural beauty. Sadly I don’t have as many photos of Robben Island as I do of Rottnest Island, simply because I’ve only been there twice and didn’t spend as much time there as we do on Rottnest.

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  1. Dis baie mooi en beide eilande het ‘n interessante geskiedenis. Ek was gister op google (waar anders?) om te gaan kyk na quokkas – ek het nooit voorheen van hulle geweet voordat jy dit in jou blog genoem het nie. En ek het nogal voorheen gewonder hoekom die eiland Rottnest genoem word 😀 Hulle is so cute. Dis baie mooi fotos.

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  2. Great galleries… I think there could be a calendar or three in there somewhere!!
    Did you go to Perth for the beauty or for the seemingly endless list of activities that can keep Ironman busy? 😉

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    • Haha, thank you! We came to Perth because this was where the work was but we’ve discovered so much beauty since. Interestingly common belief is that Sydney and Melbourne are more beautiful cities (and therefor more popular) but I disagree. We have all of this right on our doorstep.


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