X is for X-ray which Child No 3 had to have a few of last year when she fractured her wrist. We ended up at Perth’s children’s hospital during what seemed to be rush hour for sporting injuries on a Saturday afternoon (I wrote a previous post about it here). All in all she received great care at no cost to us whatsoever. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the x-ray but I do have a much more interesting photo of the cast complete with artwork by her best friend.


Another person in our family had to have an x-ray last year. Ironman had a really bad fall off his mountain bike one Saturday which resulted in 7 hours being spent at the public hospital to have x-rays (which were inconclusive) and in the end a CT-scan. Thankfully nothing was broken but the fall was quite bad and he was on crutches for a few weeks, struggling to walk. This, however, didn’t stop him from still taking part in two (easy, he called it) stages of the four days of a mountain bike race in the south west he had planned to do with some mates. It did require one of his mates helping him onto the bike and giving him a little push-off (or hupstootjie as it’s called in Afrikaans) and again waiting at the finish line with the crutches. Needless to say I wasn’t there or I would have put a stop to it! We definitely didn’t need any more reasons to go for x-rays!

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  1. Love the art work on your daughter’s cast. Good choice for X post. I wish I had thought of it, as we have x rays of my husbands head from a recent MRI. They are fascinating images. I might have to blog about that.

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