Z is for Zebra. During our visits to Etosha National Park in Namibia we were lucky enough to see plenty of them around. On both the last two occasions the park had been experiencing good rainfall and there were little puddles of water everywhere (even in the middle of the road) where they’d drink from. We saw so many that we in fact became spoilt. During the first couple of days we stopped whenever we saw anything of interest and took heaps of photos but after a few days of seeing so many zebras (and no elephants yet), we didn’t stop to take any more photos of them, instead opting to keep going to try and see animals we hand’t yet seen.

There were some zebras on my sister and brother-in-law’s farm in the Kalahari at one stage but it’s  a very sandy area which meant that the zebras’ hooves (which are shaped like those of a horse) didn’t naturally wear down because the sand was so soft. They used to catch the zebras and cut their hooves to help them because if they didn’t the hooves would keep growing to the point where the animal wasn’t able to walk properly. It was quite an experience doing this for a wild animal.

Z, being the last letter, also signals the end of this challenge. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, I’ve really enjoyed interacting with all of you and reading your A to Z posts as well.

18 thoughts on “Z…

    • Baie dankie, ja hulle is baie mooi. Een van ons Australiese vriende wou zebra steak eet toe hy saam met ons daar was maar ek kon nie myself so ver bring nie – dis heeltemal te naby aan ‘n perd! Etosha is ‘n baie spesiale plek, dit was regtig ‘n voorreg.

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    • It was quite an experience and probably a bit traumatic for the zebras at the time but as soon as they were let go and could move comfortably again they forgot about the momentary discomfort. Thanks for stopping by.

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