Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Great was my excitement when I saw the topic of this week’s photo challenge. I’m fascinated by and love the earth and, as Jen says, always feel at peace with my fingers in the dirt (in my garden) or capturing something about it on camera.

My first choice for my contribution fell on these two photos (I couldn’t pick only one) I took a few years ago on Denmark’s Ocean Beach. I was intrigued by the seaweed and the way it looked through the lens.


Seaweed at Ocean Beach in Denmark, Western Australia


Seaweed at Ocean Beach, Denmark, Western Australia

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

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  2. a bio fuel that we ought to be harvesting where there is too much of it….
    at least salvage all the floating dead ….which washes up on shore all over the planet…yep great biofuel..an beautiful lewking forsts of it when diving it is awesome lewking frum underwater stretching frum the seafloor to the surface like ocean lilly pads…kelp beds are kewl ..yes indeed, an some are even tasty also. happy spring 2 ya frum da Q


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