I is for Ironman! Ironman stands for triathlons held all over the world, which involve a 3.8 kilometre swim followed by a 180 kilometre bike ride followed by a 42 kilometre run. My husband loves endurance sport (marathons, ultra marathons, ironman triathlons and crazy ultra open water swims). It’s not something I’d ever be able to do though, so we are very proud of our Ironman.

I also stands for Indian Ocean and iron ore, which is mined in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Last but not least, I is for interaction with fellow bloggers, which I’m really enjoying especially during this A to Z challenge where I get to see even more interesting posts.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle.

These photos of the full moon were taken early one morning a while ago. It was winter and a bit stormy but I was adamant to get some photos of the full moon setting over the ocean. I’m still chasing that elusive perfect photo of the full moon setting against the backdrop of the changing colours of dawn, but these didn’t turn out too badly.