Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This week’s photo challenge is to show opposites. Since it’s winter here at the moment and we have lots of rainy days I immediately thought of sunshine as opposed to clouds or rain. I love the drama of clouds rolling in, especially when the sun still partially shines on it, so I put together a little gallery of opposing sunshine and clouds/rain photos.



S is for Stellenbosch, the winelands town rich in Cape Dutch history about 35 minutes’ drive from Cape Town where we used to live. My husband and I both went to university there, found work after finishing our studies and settled there. We met and got married in Stellenbosch and lived there for a number of years. S is also for Simonsberg, the mountain in Stellenbosch our house looked onto.

S also stands for the Swan river which snakes through Perth, Sorrento, our local beach, and sunset.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

This week’s challenge asks us to share an image of a meal or one taken during dinner hour.

Perth’s climate and outdoor lifestyle makes it ideal for picnics and we especially enjoy doing it at the beach at dinnertime. There are always people out doing the same and playing cricket, footy (Australian football) or soccer. On a warm summer’s evening we often end up going for a swim at that time as well.


Picnic at Sorrento beach on a warm summer’s evening


Picnic food

The other night we went to the Night Noodle Markets at Perth’s newly completed Elizabeth Quay. It was a lovely evening, and packed with people (on a Tuesday night) out to enjoy the variety of foods for dinner.


Perth during the Night Noodle Markets

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light

Dawn and dusk are my favourite times of the day. At dusk when the light softens and the air grows still around us it’s time to reflect on the day gone by. Living near the ocean we are fortunate to see beautiful ocean sunsets and this poem describes it perfectly:

Magical Sunset

As the day ends to rest
The sunset does its best
Setting on fire the lively waves
Colouring orange the nature he saves
its pure ancient glorious perfection.

The great ocean will receive
The burning sun who’s going to leave.
Slowly comes the night
Devouring that magic light:
we are still suspended in a great delight.

© Selene

The various stages of sunset as taken on different nights each has its own delight and in that magic half-light I often feel suspended in time until the sun dips below the horizon and darkness takes its place.


Sunset on a warm summer’s eve at Sorrento beach north of Perth


Sunset at Sorrento beach north of Perth

We are treated to a light show as the sun sets and paints the clouds in different hues.

IMG_2188 (2)

Sorrento beach

Sky and ocean on fire.


Sunset at Rottnest Island near Perth

A different evening brings a different experience in the half-light. No fiery glow this time only quiet, captivating colours.


Sorrento beach

In response to the Daily Post photo challenge: Half-Light

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

This week’s challenge is to show the season where we live. We’ve been having glorious summer days with lots of bright blue skies and warm evenings sometimes without a breeze, which meant lots of people were still swimming in the ocean after sunset.

We’ve also sweltered in a heatwave of five consecutive days over 40 degrees Celsius (which broke a 50 year old record) during last week.  This week saw some more high temperatures and another 42 degree Celsius (107.6 Fahrenheit) day. My garden is suffering at the moment and even though I water regularly some plants have taken strain. The heat has really taken its toll on my passion fruit vine (or granadilla as it’s called in some parts of the world).

View towards Hillarys Marina from Watermans Bay picnic area

Another beautiful and wind still morning in Perth

IMG_1968 (2)

A warm evening at the beach

IMG_2569 (2)

Sunburnt leaves of my passion fruit vine

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photo of something vibrant, with vivid colours. I love bright colours, it’s like a burst of colourful happiness and joy. I had extra fun with this challenge and once again couldn’t resist doing a little gallery.