I’m an every day mum of 3 young adults living in Perth, Western Australia, and writing about anything and everything that comes to mind, mostly light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek. When I had to decide on a name for this blog it was my late husband who came up with the idea: “Searching for Ironman” as our life quite often involved wondering where he’d gone because he didn’t like to sit still for long and excelled at going off on errands, sometimes for something I’d asked for, which was very helpful, and at other times for something completely random that had suddenly become top priority at that very moment and took him away without any of us knowing where he’d gone. This is whenever he wasn’t working or training for an endurance running, swimming or triathlon event.

I’ve always loved reading, enjoyed writing and I don’t like to miss a photo opportunity, as my kids would say, though photography is just a hobby that gives me great joy.

I try to see the humour in every day life with my lovely family. Every now and then I might write something in Afrikaans, my mother tongue, and apologise in advance to any non-Afrikaans readers. I hope you enjoy reading about our life journey and (quite often silly) escapades!

Christina B.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Ek dink dis uitstekend C! Jou sin vir humor is definitief die sleutel om in oorwinning oor die daaglikse uitdagings ( geskryf f r u s t r a s i e s ) te lewe .


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  3. Hi Christina, lovely to meet you from the other side of the country. I love Perth, such a great place. Look forward to exploring more of your world and your beautiful blog. Cheers from Melbourne! 🙂

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    • 😄 Dankie vir die inloer en boodskap, Abrie, ek waardeer dit. Werksomstandighede het my skryftyd ietwat omver gewerp die afgelope 6 maande maar ek gee nie op nie! Hopelik kom ek weer binnekort daarby uit. Groete.

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