Connected with cables and the people of Perth: The Giants – Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

The Giants came to Perth in February 2015 as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. They were connected to cranes and trucks with cables and their every move (made possible by a manifold of handlers who were in turn connected to the giants) was mesmerizing but it was the way they connected with the people of Perth, brought the crowds out in their thousands for three days straight, the way the people of Perth connected with each other as a result as well as The Giants’ connection to Australia and New Zealand’s Anzac history during the year we celebrated the centenary of Gallipoli that made for a quite indescribable experience.

The quality of my photos aren’t brilliant as we saw them for a brief time only (about 2 minutes max from the time they came into our view) and I had to make the most of the opportunities available, but it’s the experience that’s stayed with me. (I prefer the tiled gallery to the mesh that I used previously because I hadn’t worked out how to display the portrait style photos properly in a mesh gallery.)

Their full story can be read here: The Giants

(and there’s a mention in one of my previous posts).

I hope the gallery can do justice to their story, I find it touching to work with the photos but hard to convey the emotion.

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